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Beautify Decatur Coalition

Who We Are

The Beautify Decatur Coalition strives to instill a mindset in Decatur residents and businesses to constantly create, maintain and revitalize a clean, beautiful public presence.  Having a task force for businesses, neighborhoods, schools and industry, we strive to encourage, help and reward all community participants to be actively involved in the beautification of our Decatur home.
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What We Do

One of our coalition's initiatives is creating No Litter Zones for businesses.  We currently have 90 businesses pledging to uphold the No Litter Zone policy.  We are currently seeking volunteers to canvass additional businesses in the Decatur area to become a part of our No Litter Zone.
Another intitiative is our Planter Project. Along Eldorado Street and in the downtown area there are approximately 60 empty planters that we want to fill with beautiful flowers. This project will commence mid-May. Watch for our request for volunteers to help with our planting!
We also sponsor various clean-ups of thoroughfares throughout the city of Decatur. 
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Contact Information

Address Information
126 W. North St.
Decatur, IL 62523
Contact: Jill Davis
Contact Title: Co-Chair
Phone: 217-433-4529
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